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Between a riff and a hard rock place

Welcome to my site.

I have recently dug out some recordings that I made in the 90's which I thought may interest some of you guitar fans.

Some of it is rock based but there is quite a mixture of different genres represented here as you will no doubt notice .

All the tracks are self-penned and the backing is provided and mixed by me. Since these tracks were recorded, I've upgraded all my gear except for my U.S Fender Strat Deluxe Plus, and I am currently writing/recording new material. I've also added some of the  backing tracks for anyone to play along to and I would be delighted if any of you would post your results on this site. Feel free to comment or experiment . 

I also play in a Jazz workshop band 'Milestones' and we perform numbers by Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock,etc.  We have appeared at Stockton International Riverside Fringe Festival over the last three years along with some of the best North-East Jazz musicians and bands.


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