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Hotel California POD 2.0 Patch

Project Description: Eagle's Hotel California solo recorded over backing track with POD 2.0 JCM 800 patch and Ibanez RG-570 guitar.
Gear Used: POD 2.0,Ibanez RG-570

Hotel California Solo MP3 File

Hotel California Solo MP3 File

File Type: Audio

File Size: 2.09 Mb

Downloads/Plays: 1044

Description: Here is the MP3 of the Hotel California solo recorded direct to Cakewalk using 1/4" output from the POD2. The POD 2.0 model was the Brit Hi Gain (JCM800).

Here are the manual POD tone settings:
Amp: Brit Hi Gain
Drv 10, Bass 7, Mid 8, Treb 8, Vol 8, Reverb 3
Cab: Black Panel 1 X 12

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View member created websitekc_pod in response to Hot Tubes

Hotel California Patch
This one's always in the back of my mind to do on the X3. Just haven't gotten to it yet.

Posted: 05/12/2008 01:32:41
View member created websiteHot Tubes

Hotel Cal
Love this solo, nice patch, have you updated it for the X3 yet kc?

Posted: 05/11/2008 01:12:02
View member created websitekc_pod

Hotel California is a fun solo to learn and play. This one was done a long time ago, maybe I'll update it for the POD X3. Let me know if you come up with a patch for it.

Posted: 01/22/2008 00:52:20
View member created websitegavin1972

the solo
outstanding tone and gonna learn it.

Posted: 01/19/2008 02:33:51

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